An Introduction

The United States of America was founded not just on a set of arbitrary political beliefs which are now "too radical" and "obsolete" (as our current President claims proudly on national television). It was founded on a philosophy. Sometimes that philosophy wasn't explicit (or explicit enough), but it was there nonetheless: it was a philosophy that championed Reason and Liberty - because they are requirements of Man's nature and only means of living. It is a philosophy based on facts - facts which will not change so long as we are homo sapiens.

There are a great many people today who think that Reason is impotent, or even an illusion; and who think that Liberty is a privilege granted by Those-Who-Know-What's-Best, revokable at any time for "the common good". They are wrong on both counts. Those who would rewrite the history of our great country to be one of collectivism and 'success' of Government control do so only by ignoring the real basis of the foundation of our system of government. The government's purpose is to protect fundamental individual liberties and freedoms - not to limit them - and the quality of our individual lives depends on the extent to which that is accomplished.

We have created Liberty Online in order to publish and promote the works of the men who forged this nation, the first of its kind, based upon ideas. The words of these men should not be forgotten; yet in the history books force-fed to our children, they are glossed-over in two sentences while every particular evil that has befallen us is trumpeted as the "Real America". America is demonized for its failures - but who out there now champions its greatness?. No greater disservice could we do to the inheritors of this nation than to pervert its ideals as is being done today, to ignore its triumphs - industrial and intellectual.

And so, the words of great men, with great ideas, are put forth into the new realm of Cyberspace - available to all to read for themselves, without coloring or "interpretation" - the way it was intended to be. These men are not perfect - you may read Thomas Paine advocating the establishment of Public education in England - but we may grant them some consideration for error, for they have not had the two hundred years of history that we have.

Enjoy, learn, and prosper from the light of Truth.

Jawaid Bazyar
Englewood, CO